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Owning a WiseNav Website gives you complete control of your Website Content

as well as control of the Service Base that supports your website.

With a WiseNav Website you have the ability to express yourself freely and easily on the Internet. You can then choose from a comprehensive selection of website services to find the exact combination that suits you and your website. This enables you to Customize your online presence to meet your needs, your interests and your budget. WiseNav has everything you want and need as a Website Owner all in one convenient location.

Every website needs four things to operate: 1) a Domain Name / Internet address – to find your website, 2) Hosting / computer space and services for the website, 3) Domain Services / someone to buy, register and manage the address as well as connect the address to the computer space, 4) Site Owner Support Services / assistance with construction and operation of the website.

We provide Hosting for all WiseNav Websites on either Group or Private Domains. We provide different levels of Domain Services and Site Owner Support Services as well as single or multi-site Hosting Packages to match the needs of individual Website Owners.

Our “5 Choice” Selection System allows you to Customize a Service Plan

to completely meet your needs as a Website Owner.

Using Your " 5 Choice " Selection System

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