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Details Choice 3 - Number of Websites / Package

Choice 3 - Number of Websites / Hosting Service Package

Choice 3 is about choosing the number of websites you need along with the bundle of related hosting services that are part of the Hosting Service Package that comes with the websites.

A single website can be structured to serve a wide variety of purposes either individually or as a group. Deciding how much content and what variety of content you want on a single site will determine how many websites you need to cover your interests.

A collection of Websites, for instance, can serve as a network of versatile, self-controlled, personal, family and business communication centers. You may want a website to host your Blog and another for your business activities with a third for your family / social interaction. You may want a website for each of your family members or for each of several blogging or business interests. You may be involved with a social organization with a need to be represented separately in local, regional, or national domains. Once you identify your interests, needs and the related purpose your websites will serve then you can select the Package with the number of websites you require.

Each of the four Packages contains ample storage, traffic and communication services to service the number of sites in the Package. Each of the sites in the Packages has been allotted service quotas several times larger than what is needed for a typical site. You will also see when comparing the Packages that the cost per site decreases as the number of the sites in the package increases. This makes it more affordable for you to have a number of individual sites each with a special purpose. The specific items and quantities for each Package are found in the Table that can be accessed by left-clicking the orange “Next” Button at the bottom of this page.

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