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Details Choice 5 - Payment Plan

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Choice 5 - Payment Plan

Choice 5 is about choosing a Payment Plan. There are three account payment periods to choose from – monthly, every six months, yearly.

All accounts are prepaid for the payment period with each payment. All Payments are recurring and are automatically charged to the same credit account at the start of the next payment period. Monthly Plans are charged every 30 days. Six Month Plans are charged every 182 days. Yearly Plans are charged on the anniversary date every year.

On accounts with Domain Services there is a one time charge added to the first payment for the initial set-up and registration fees for each Domain. Second and subsequent recurring payments are lower and include prorated annual renewal fees.

The cost per month of service decreases as the payment term increases from Monthly to Yearly. This makes the Yearly Plan the most attractive way to purchase your Website Service Package.

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